BMW R100cs 3 states ride.

BMW R100cs 3 states ride.

It was back in 1981 when this BMW R100cs was manufactured and also the same year i acquired it brand new from Tom Byrne Motorcycles in Elizabeth St, Sydney, Australia. The price off the floor fully registered came to $6,070.00 on the road. At the time i was unlicensed and traveled down with a friend to pick it up who i rode pillion with back to Newcastle NSW……so i never got to ride it first! But that was not a problem for a young 18 year old who had just purchased his first new motorcycle, i remember the excitement like it was yesterday.

This photo was taken back in 1982 in November on a road between Tumut & Jindabyne in NSW when i took her on the first long haul ride for 3 weeks across 3 states and covering around 6,000km from Newcastle NSW to the Snowy Mountains via Sydney, Canberra & Cooma and a 180km hair raising gravel road twisting along the Snowy River which at one stage we experienced a flat rear tyre going up a steep gravel gradient with a long drop to the left and steep embankment to the right. It was a total strip of all the luggage and with the BMW puncture repair kit, tools and hand pump supplied under the seat I set about fixing the tube…. the tyre was soaped up with shampoo we were carrying to get the bead to pop back in on inflation which was a worry at the time if the little hand pump would get enough pressure in to carry us onward…without water we used straight Vodka to quench the thirst…. back in the saddle after 3 hours on the gravel we popped into Sale in Victoria….where i immediately found the first Service station and done a tyre pressure check……arrrr that little BMW hand pump had the pressure up to 63 psi….double than the recommended of 30 – 32 psi…well i was amazed and put that experience in the back of the mind.

After leaving Sale we traveled through a range of small towns in the beautiful mountains and valleys of Victoria, stopping at camp grounds and sleeping over, meeting locals and other travelers and having a real good country experience. We flicked past Melbourne and made a bee line for the Great Ocean Road….even turning around once to re-run some fantastic corners with amazing ocean views….we took in the 12 apostles and the rock form of the London Bridge then onward to the South Australian Border and into Adelaide for some sight seeing.

Mount Gambier was the next stop and we camped by the blue lakes for 3-4 days as it rained and rained, the small alpine tent we were carrying kept us dry….the clearing rain seen us back on the road and heading for Port Augusta SA where we stopped off along the way finding a little gravel track heading down to the Murry River a long way from any where…we camped with a big fire by the side of the murky waters of the Murry.

Reaching Port Augusta on a Sunday afternoon was like being thrown back in time and into a ghost town….there was an uneasy feeling on the streets and personal safety became a concern after a not so nice interaction with some begging locals…..we mounted that R100cs and throttled out of the grime as quick as possible….taking on the long straights heading dead north to Broken Hill.

Two and a half weeks had passed since leaving Newcastle and time was telling us how good our own bed would be….with the extreme heat of the day, dust, evening wildlife and insects it was a mission to escape the outback….the BMW R100cs hadn’t missed a beat and with open throttle we turned her head for home and ate up 1,500km in 2 days to see us back on home turf with the memories to last a life time…this BMW is still with me today….

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