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5 Speed Gearbox Internals

We have opened an all new site dedicated to the mighty BMW r100 Boxer.
We’ll be featuring a complete re-build of a 1981 BMW R100cs which has an original 100,000km on the clock, those km’s were racked up by myself. I bought this machine in April 1981 and have owned it for over 30 years now.
Time she got a nice new face lift.
Please help us to complete this project, your experence and knowledge is truly appreciated, so post in our Comment section and review the restoration in the Restore Blog.

JC Krowe – Australia

4 Responses to “Welcome to BMW R100”

  1. G’day,
    I’m also a long time owner of a R100, mine was purchased in 1984 from the original owner, it only had 10K on the clock it’s an 82 straight R100.
    Currently has 150K on it and has plenty more left I hope!
    I have fitted an “S” fairing and do all my own maintenance ( except for head work etc.)
    I have a few special tools and plenty of experience.

  2. Hi…….love what you doing. I too own a 1981 R100CS. I am in Knysna South Africa. Let me have a email address & I’ll send some pix if you like. Kind regards, Steve

    • Sounds good Steve, mate some images of you & bike out in the landscape would be great or just the bike if ya don’t want your mug in the photo’s!
      email parts(at)
      cheers Jace

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